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Zac Cataldo 


Zac's job was to save the planet.  Since Elon Musk has taken on that task, Zac can now focus his energies on more intensive naps, keeping Bobby & Brent from filling up Dropbox and cheering on Elon.  Zac looks forward to the day when everyone gets their energy from the Sun and Cole is just the name of our intern.

Jesse Cataldo


Jesse is also a millennial but would rather not be as the marketing term makes him want to vomit.  But he is one and should start getting used to it.  Jesse wants to spend his 50's on Mars so hurry up Elon and get your act together.  When Jesse isn't driving an electric car, he's watching YouTube or he's asleep.

Brent Godin


Brent is an enigma that defies description. If you attempt to gaze upon him all you would see are unspeakable horrors. Tread lightly  around a wild Brent. Water type moves are super effective. If you find yourself in the presence of Brent bow your head and kneel, for his mightiness may knock you off your feet, which can cause possible head damage if impacted properly.

The Story

When combined correctly, the individuals known as Zac & Jesse become Now You Know, a force to be reckoned with (as Adam Conover learned recently.)  It's not all fun and games in the Now You Know studios, okay it is, but fun is how you learn, and learning is what we're all about.  Whether it's how to install a Tesla Wall Charger or reviewing new gadgets (because we love gadgets - I mean, come on who doesn't love gadgets!) or showing how to make Banana Ice Cream (because come on, who doesn't like banana ice cream!), wait... I forgot what we were talking about because now I'm thinking about banana ice cream... I love banana ice cream!

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