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Featured Interviews

Toby McCartney

Zac interviews Toby McCartney of MacRebur, the Plastic Road Company!

Edwin ter Velde

Zac talks to Edwin ter Velde, Captain & Founder of Clean 2 Antarctica! Edwin is going on a Solar-Powered Expedition to the South Pole!

Ron Grosinger,

Zac talks to Ron Grosinger, also known as shop teacher and welder, Mr. G!

Mark Frohnmayer

Zac talks to Mark Frohnmayer, Chairman, President & Founder of Arcimoto!

Patrick Sherwin

Zac talks to CEO of GoSun Stove, Patrick Sherwin!

Lewis Horne

Zac interviews Lewis Horne, CEO of the Uniti Electric Car Company!

Teun van Roessel

Zac talks to Teun van Roessel, Founder of Solly System, a children's toy that teaches kids about solar energy! He also makes BYOR (a Build Your Own Robot kit) that teaches robotics and imagination to kids and grownups alike

Arkady Fiedler

Zac interviews adventurer Arkady Fiedler about his upcoming journey to drive a Nissan Leaf from South Africa to North Africa in an attempt to be the first person to make this trip in an all-electric car!

Wiebe Wakker

Zac interviews Wiebe Wakker of the Plug Me In project!

Joi Skinner

Zac interviews Joi Skinner of Alcen Renewable!

Mark Hanchett

Zac sits down with Atlis Motor's CEO Mark Hanchett to discuss the companies vision for the future of electric pickup trucks.

Nick Gogerty

Zac interviews Nick Gogerty of Solar coin!

Delaney Reynolds

Zac interviews Delaney Reynolds, an influential young advocate for climate change, and a friend of Al Gore!

Bryan Birsic

Zac interviews Bryan Birsic of Wunder Captial!

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